Diets and Chronic Disease

But what if healthy eating could be simpler than all kinds of rules? What if all we have to do is eat more fiber? After all, for all the disagreements between specialty diets, the part they seem consistent about is vegetables. Granted, there's some disagreement about fruit, since some fruits have a fair amount of natural sugars in them, and beans, which pack a lot of complex carbs in with the fiber and protein. But everyone agrees that eating more veggies is good for all of us, especially the green leafy ones.

Resolving to Slow Down in 2018

The important aspect to creating more time and space is to be intentional—pay attention to how you're really spending your time, what it feels like you're spending your energy on, and ask yourself if it's absolutely necessary. How much space and time can you make in your life? Only then can you start committing to new things, like creative pursuits and exercise plans.

Disability and Federal Government Shutdown FAQ

Congress passed a spending bill on Thursday, Dec. 7, staving off a federal government shutdown for another few weeks. The new deadline is tonight, Friday, Dec. 22. To prevent a government shutdown, Congress must pass a bill to fund the government sometime today. NPR commentators speculated that Congress may once again decide to fund the government for only a few weeks, "kicking the can down the road" once again.

Are Social Security Disability Benefits Available for Diabetes?

It can be a difficult and roundabout process for people with diabetes to qualify for disability benefits from SSA, but it is possible for people whose complications from diabetes can qualify them under a Blue Book listing for the complication, not the diabetes itself, to receive benefits. Be sure to show medical evidence for all your symptoms, for the complication you're trying to qualify under and other issues.

SSA Hearing Backlog Tops 1 Million While Obamacare Ad Budget Slashed, Though Insurance Still Available

Obamacare health insurance is still available for 2018, even though it's not being promoted, and there is help available to get insurance on the exchanges and to find a plan that's right for you. If you're seeking disability benefits and waiting for a hearing, be sure you have health insurance in place for 2018—the wait for a disability hearing is long and it's not going to get better anytime soon. 

Medicaid Expansion’s Major Impact in New Mexico

The Medicaid expansion has cut New Mexico's uninsured rate in half and bolstered the economy through added jobs and tax revenues. Any new healthcare law that pulls back the Medicaid expansion would be disastrous for New Mexico and New Mexicans.

How Men Experience Depression

Depression is a common illness that affects both men and women, but women are more likely to seek treatment for it. Depression in men often goes undiagnosed, and manifests with different symptoms that men and the people around them may not recognize as depression.